Shamanic Counseling:

Shamanic Counseling will assist in uncovering past emotions and traumas through utilizing specific tools and implementing power animal card readings.  Sessions include clearing old belief systems and stagnate energies within the body in order to naturally align you to the true power within and embrace a more authentic you. 

Group Shamanic Sound Healing:

Shamanic Sound Healing is a tonal vibrational bathing of your being which enables a clearer state of mind, detoxifies the lymphatic system and creates a deep state of relaxation. The Sound Healing Ceremony initiates a person into a visionary state which allows guidance from Spirit to bring you into a receptive and harmonious state.  Ceremony is offered to groups in Sedona and throughout the world. 

Power Animal Initiation:

Power Animal Initiation is an introduction to understanding the philosophy and significant messages of the Animal Totems. You will learn how to work with Power Animal Totems in order to gain focus, direction and learn to connect and move in harmony with the nature around you.  You will naturally learn to discover your unlimited potential through this beneficial information.


(Flat rates for all services)

  • 30 min: $88:00
  • 45 min: $111.00
  • 60 min: $133.00
  • 90 min: $188.00
  • Group Session 6 or more: $33.00/person