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"Inside water, a waterwheel turns. A star circulates with the moon." -Rumi

We also do wholesale pricing for stores, and private label spirit waters if interested in any please contact us. 

About the Products:

Sedona Spirit Water:

This was the original idea behind the entire unfolding behind Shaman's Heart. This product is comprised of locally sourced medicinal and grounding plants coupled with essential oils. In the tradition of Spirit Water this is excellent for clearing and cleansing. Native plants extracted in the blend include Pinion Pine, Desert Sage, Globe Mallow, Snake Weed, Purple Aster and other seasonally medicinal plants. These bases are combined with beautiful local oils like Utah Juniper, Creosote, Cypress and among others. Used as a spritz or applied by hand this helps facilitate clearing negative energies subsequently boosting clarity.

Aqua del Espiritu del Corazon (Heart Chakra Blend):

This became the second iteration in the series of Spirit Waters we have created. It seemed natural to move from a very grounding product like Sedona Spirit Water to a more heart opening blend. Here we used a local lavender base distilled in organic cane alcohol, and the same Oak Creek spring water local to Sedona. We then infused with the highest vibrational essential oils to assist the facilitation of love. These include Rose, Lotus, Jasmine, Geranium, Lavender and Ylang Ylang. This acts a complementary product to Sedona Spirit Water, once the body is cleared, the heart can open.

"Life is nothing but an opportunity for love to blossom" -Osho